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A provocative health policy magazine, Advancing Suicide Prevention is for anyone whose work impacts the lives of suicidal individuals.

ASP delivers cutting-edge content on compelling topics at the forefront of suicide prevention. We draw on potent and powerful voices in diverse fields to keep you aware of issues you need to know about, and how to best apply them to your work. Our goal? To strengthen your impact in suicide prevention.

What are the best prevention practices that have been borne out by research? You'll find them here.

Who are the people launching innovative and evidence-based programs you can emulate? They'll be reported on first in Advancing Suicide Prevention.

What are the implications of scientific, political, societal and cultural forces shaping suicide prevention efforts today? Look for these in our pages.

We seek to strike a balance between the practical and intellectual. To hold to no single position or ideology, and to champion the interests of no one constituency. Instead we broker conversations, ask tough questions and disseminate rigorous research. Our award-winning staff is guided by an editorial advisory board of world-class professionals representing all constituencies that comprise our readership.

Why a magazine about suicide prevention? Because this arena demands it. In the past five years, a flurry of attention has been given to suicide on national and international levels. Prominent and far-reaching projects undertaken by the World Health Organization, Office of the U.S. Surgeon General and Institute of Medicine, among others, have focused on reducing over one million suicides that occur globally each year. And the field has responded, with new efforts and new understanding being applied to suicide prevention. This strategic health policy magazine is part of those efforts.

Our mission at ASP is simple: To foster exchange of views from diverse perspectives and for diverse audiences, so as to drive suicide prevention forward. Our name - advancing suicide prevention - says it all.

Denise Pazur
Senior Editor